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I'm a NYC-based web developer with a passion for beautiful design and have experience building dynamic web applications in JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, React/Redux, and HTML/CSS. In my spare time, I'm a gamer, photographer, and food-enthusiast/wannabe-chef.









HTML5 + Canvas


Recent Projects


gameshelf is a fullstack web application inspired by Goodreads with a theme of video games. gameshelf uses Ruby on Rails on the backend, a PostgreSQL database, and React/Redux on the frontend.
Users are able to:

  • View a collection of games stored in the database
  • Create/update/delete reviews & view other users' reviews
  • Mark game play status as "Played," "Currently Playing", or "Want to Play"
  • Create and delete custom gameshelves & store games in that shelf
Live Code
Oliver's Outer Space Dream

A helicopter-esque game inspired by my very own cat, Oliver! Oliver dreams of floating weightlessly in outer space, eating all the sushi and drumsticks that fill his heart with content. Press *space* to jump, eat food items to gain points, and make sure to avoid the asteroids or Oliver will be one angry cat... Created with JavaScript, Canvas, and HTML5.

Live Code
My wisDOM To-Do List

wisDOM is a lightweight JavaScript library and supports some of jQuery's most important features, including:

  • Making AJAX requests
  • Handling events
  • Traversing and manipulating the DOM

wisDOM Todo List is a single-page web application created for demoing the wisDOM library, inspired by jQuery. This app allows users to create a to-do list while also removing these items from the list once completed.

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